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Nov 25, 2012 1:30am PST
europe and in the u.s. for how long now, julie? >> over 30 years. >> 30 years, wow, o.k. first julie's going to go ahead and show how dermawand provides instant stimulation for eye lifts and then she's going to continue working on just one side of the face. so go ahead and take a look at that, julie. just keep going. [gentle buzzin oh, i'm already seeing some results here. how long have you been using the dermawand? >> over eight years, now. and my skin is better now at the age of 53 than it was when i was 33 years old. >> wow, look at that! look at julie's eyebrow. it really appears to be lifted and then look at the whole eye area. it now has volume and it's just opened right up. i mean, look at the difference. and then look in these other areas that i want you to notice. like she doesn't have crow's feet, and trust me, if you want to reduce the appearance of crow's feet, you need to look at the dermawand. it's going to do it for you. i mean, look around julie's chin line and look at the cheek area. look at the corner of the mouth. i mean, her skin seems to be completely lifted. and,
Nov 4, 2012 1:30am PDT
election? there are nearly 50 million young people in the u.s. between 18 and 29. kevin moore says voting at any age is important. >> voting is very important for everybody because we supposedly live in a democracy but if people don't vote then there's no democracy. >> 61% of young americans are registered to vote. caroline says voting simply slipped her mind. >> mainly because i didn't have the time and i was just, yeah, busy. it wasn't in my mind at all. >> what were you busy with? >> school. most busy with school. >> young people feel their voices won't make a difference. cheyenne says it isn't the case for her. >> if everybody had that opinion then nobody would show up to difference and it definitely would make a difference. >> the estimate for next week is that only 48% of young americans will vote. reporting from san jose, pedro garcia, update news. >> joining us now is thrill science professor dr. percival. >> thanks for having me here. >> do you think young people have an impact on the outcome of proposition 30? >> absolutely it will. this is going to be a very close contes
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2